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Translating documents does not simply mean replacing words from the language of origin with words from a foreign language(the target language). At Documens, our linguistic experts provide you with high quality translations and adaptations that accurately reflect the content and style of your original documents.

Our seasoned translators and revisers work exclusively towards their mother tongue. You can therefore be assured that your texts are clearly understood by their target readers since they will correspond perfectly to the target audiences’ linguistic and cultural environments.

Documens relies on its exceptional collaborators and draws on all existing translation tools, such as state-of-the-art computer-assisted translation programs and the latest available terminology banks.

To provide you with impeccable documents translation, we follow a threestep process we call Global Translation:

First step: translation

A translator whose mother tongue is the target language and who has experience with and knowledge of your activity sector translates the message of the source text. The result is not simply a word-for-word translation of the source text, it is an entirely new document inspired from the original.

At Documens, document translation is work that combines rigour, accuracy and creativity…it’s much more than just a linguistic conversion.

Second step: revision

A reviser compares and checks the source language text and the translation line by line, and is primarily concerned with ensuring that the translation is impeccable with exact terminology.

Third step: proofreading

During this final stage, a proofreader carefully checks spelling, typography and layout. Once this is complete, the document is transmitted to the client.

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