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In addition to systematically revising our in-house translations, we are capable of revising translations from other sources.

Due to our strong knowledge of our clients’ sectors of activity, we can ensure that their translations, be not only impeccable, but also integrate well into their particular market and business strategies.

In revision, as in translation, we have adopted a rigorous method in order to minimize risk and prevent errors.

First Step: Full comparison with the source text

We perform a comprehensive check to make sure the text’s structure and factual data accurately reflect the source text. We also examine the document’s overall coherency and logic.

Second Step: Verifying grammar, syntax and style

We carefully check paragraph order and sentence structure, syntax and spelling. We make sure the terminology and style of the document meet client needs and expected outcome.

Third Step: Checking layout accuracy

As many translated documents are often intended for publication electronically or on the Internet, it is vital to verify not only the translation’s overall consistency, but also the accuracy of the layout.


In order not to miss anything, a new perspective is often needed. This is why we also offer proofreading services of all documents intended for diffusion and publication.

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